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Has a loved one recently passed away? Do you need to get an appraisal to determine how to divide any real estate they left behind? If so, then we’re ready to assist you.

Providing Probate Appraisal Services to Clients Near Orange, CA

When an individual dies, their property will generally have to go through the probate process. During this process, the executor will need to determine how the property should be distributed. If there’s real estate involved, then an estate appraiser will generally need to determine its value in order to distribute it properly. At Armstrong Appraisals, we can provide estate appraisal services to clients throughout Orange, CA.


Get a Reliable Trust Appraisal

While trusts don’t go through the probate process, it’s still possible that an appraisal will be needed in order to determine how to divide any real estate mentioned in it. Our goal is to provide you with fair and accurate appraisal services that will make this task easier.

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We can provide you with a trust or probate appraisal if you’re near Orange, CA. Consider reaching out to us to learn more about how we can help.

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